Safety & Security is Our Mission

We use AI and machine learning technology to keep the good people safe, and keep the bad people out.

“AI can be our friend.”

– Bill Gates

our story

One Smart Lab’s team members of the team have one thing in common: that they lived through the horrible 90’s in NYC.

There was that one common theme – that law enforcement and businesses just could not verify people’s information.. or find any people of interest quickly.

One Smart Lab has one mission – use technology to keep good people in, and bad people out quickly (if not real time).

We can’t all be Batman, but hey, why not try?

We Live & Breathe Machine Learning

We do only one thing – data driven machine learning software. And we do that really well.


our partners & technology

meet our team (who’s not camera shy)


“Power to the People, not to the ‘Big Brother’.”

– Michelle R.
Business Developer

“Crime & Justice is unbalanced. Time to give justice an unfair advantage”

– TaeWoo K.
Co-Founder, AI Engineer


“Technology to be on the side of fighting bad guys, that’s what I dreamt of.”

– Sandeep P.
Data Scientist

“Criminals suck. Someone needs to fight them.”

– Kirk S.
Cloud Operations


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