Face ID Verification with Spoof Detection (Anti-Spoofing)

Is it that a REAL face in the camera?

Face recognition systems are often prone to face attacks
One Smart Vision ID verification system can not only detect if the ID in the face matches the user’s face, but also be able to tell if the user is attempting to trick the system by employing a combination of
  • neural network based spoof detection model
  • time series analysis on recorded video frames
  • OTP / one time password – user is asked to speak a sequence of numbers in the language of his or her choice

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How Hackers Normal People Break Face Recognition

Download our 12 Page / 5 minĀ  read whitepaper on face spoofing:


How People Are Breaking Face Recognition

The Authoritative Guide Fighting Back Face Recognition Spoofing & How to Fight Back with Anti-Spoofing

    Face ID Verification with Spoof Detection using Video & Behavioral Tracking


    Zero to Anti-Spoofing Face ID Verification in 5 Seconds

    Our network models can be easily accessed by REST API.

    No need for SDK, complex deep learning setups, GPU servers, no nothing.

    Just a simple HTTPS call, and the REST API returns risk metric that can be used to determine the level of risk the user’s submission presents.

    Cutting Edge Deep Neural Network

    State of the art machine learning models with near-perfect accuracy

    Multiple Language & IDs Supported

    Any form of ID can be accepted.

    Most of the languages spoken on earth will work as well.

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