Find & Identify People in Videos Real Time

Turn Your Video into Intelligence

Real time video surveillance
  • large scale face detection
  • search against known & historical faces
  • virtual fence intrusion detection
  • face profiling (age, gender, etc.)

Search by Face

  • by meta-data : (profiled) age, sex, gender
  • by face against known previously uploaded faces
  • by face against previous point in time

Virtual Fence Intrusion Detection

Draw virtual fences on the camera feed and get notified when a person is intruding upon it.

AI will transform the workplace


  1. real time response to person of interest tracking
    • law enforcement
    • security personnel
  2. access control to security sensitive areas with high traffic
    • airports
    • hospitals
    • office buildings
  3. efficient business processes
    • customer rewards
    • instant ID verification
    • “blacklists”
    • faster checkouts (ex. airport customs)
  4. fraud detection
    • payment trust in finance / ecommerce
    • identity on-boarding verification