Face ID Verification with Anti-Spoofing & Behavioral Analysis
Real Time Face Recognition & Person of Interest Tracking

One Smart Vision

State of the Art Machine Learning Models in Biometrics
  • face detection
  • face ID verification
  • face similarity analysis

make sense of your user’s face

Quantifying the Un-Quantifiable

How is One Smart Vision Different?

We employ latest deep neural network based models trained on over 100 million faces, with coverage on all major ethnicities.

Prevents Spoofing

Traditional face recognition systems can be broken easily with spoofing. Ours has spoof-guard built in.

Behavioral Analysis

Combining visual and behavioral, tracking our ID verification is thing of the past.

Simple APIs

No need to be ML experts. Simple API call is all you need to access our powerful models.

Fast Implementation

Fast to Implement and Ultra Secure. We are also, fully GDPR compliant.

Featured In:

Wall Street Journal

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